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Elizabeth Velasco for Colorado House District 57

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Meet Elizabeth

Hola, my name is Elizabeth Velasco. I’m a small business owner and the daughter of first generation immigrants. I’ve had the privilege of living, working, and recreating in Pitkin, Eagle and Garfield Counties for over the past 20 years. I know our community! I know our strengths and our challenges, and I have a vision of a thriving future. This is why I’m running for Colorado’s House District 57.    

I’ve worked in many sectors of our economy, from the service industry to healthcare. From the nonprofit sector to local government. I’ve served on boards, COVID relief committees, and organizations that strive to support all members of our communities. I run a successful small business and I’m a Public Information Officer for wildland fire. These leadership roles provide me opportunities to get to know the concerns of our rural community residents. My own life experiences mirror that of many in our communities. I understand the challenges we face. We deserve equitable access to resources and opportunities. We face an uncertain present and an even more uncertain future, and I have a vision, a plan, and the skills necessary to move us into a future where we are prepared, no one is left behind, and instead of reacting to crises, we are proactive and a thriving community and economy.  


When I think of the hardships my family faced 20 years ago, struggling to make ends meet, I’m sad to say that things haven’t changed much. The cost of living is so high that we can’t afford to live where we work; everyone from children to the elderly face housing insecurity. Too many of us cannot access reliable internet in an internet-dependent world.  Too many of us cannot access quality, affordable health care. Economic stability is under threat as drought worsens, wildfire season intensifies, and winters shorten. The ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic disrupts our businesses and schools. We need strong leadership that truly understands our community and is willing to represent rural coloradans at the state capitol. 


Together we can build a proactive, strong, resilient, and thriving future for all in House District 57. Juntos podemos, Stronger together!

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Community Resiliency

Key Issue

  • Environment/ Climate 

  • Drought Resilience

  • Water Infrastructure/Conservation 

  • Wildland Fire

  • Emergency Communications

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  • K-12 Funding Education 

  • Affordable Day Care

  • Higher Education 

  • Workforce training 

Supporting Families

Key Issue

Public Transport Passenger

Rural Infrastructure

Key Issue

  • Transportation, 

  • Affordable & Attainable Housing

  • Roads and Bridges

  • Broadband

  • Evacuation routes

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Access to Healthcare

Key Issue

  • Woman’s Reproductive Rights

  • Aging Population

  • Access to Mental Health 

  • Access to Affordable Health Care Options 

Image by Jakob Rosen
  • Immigrants 

  • Small business owners



Key Issue

Want to Get Involved?

Endorsed By


Jared Polis

CO Governor

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HD Monica Duran

Majority Co-Whip


Jonathan Godes

Glenwood Springs Mayor

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Ingrid Wussow

Glenwood Springs City Council


Beatriz Soto

Community Leader and Protegete Director

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Luis Yllanes

Community Member


New American Leaders Action Fund


BlueFlower Action Fund



Sierra Club Endorsement Seal_Color-1.png

Sierra Club


John Hickenlooper

United States Senator
for Colorado

2022a_benazidez, adrienne.jpg

HD Adrienne

Speaker Pro Tempore


Matt Sherr

Eagle County Commisioner

Shelley Kaup.jpg

Shelley Kaup

Glenwood Springs

City Council


Blanca Uzeta O'Leary

Community Leader


Chris Hassig

Carbondale Town Trustee


Voces Unidas Action Fund


Colorado Ceasefire


Colorado Professional Firefighters

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Conservation Colorado

Michael_Bennet_Official_Photo (1).jpg

Michael Bennet

United States Senator
for Colorado

2022a_gonzales-gutierrez, serena.jpg

HD Serena Gonzales Gutierrez

Assistant Majority Leader


Jeanne McQueeney

Eagle County Commissioner

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Jasmin Ramirez

Vice-president RE-1 School Board


Mawa McQueen

Community Leader &

Mawa's Kitchen Proprietor and Chef


Adam Quinton

Community Member


Colorado WINS

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SEIU Local 105




Michael Bennet

United States Representative

2022a_gonzales, julie.jpg

Julie Gonzales